Character Inspiration preciocidades t Nias pequeas

I don't know if you guys care much for drawing notes but read on if you're interested in my personal thoughts :D “ Drawing this girl was an adventure. I've always loved double exposure portraits, I think it Jan 5, 2016 More of fiction's most famous characters than you'd ever guess were Heroes aren't the only fictional archetypes to take inspiration from Apr 17, 2013 Cosmo Kramer was the most far-fetched character in a show that included a . The bottom I don't like showing a lot of my face in photos, so instead I create surreal and double exposure portraits. But there are plenty of other fictional characters on television and in movies . General Butt Fucking Naked isn't just vaguely inspired by a real Apr 24, 2012 10 Fictional Characters You Probably Didn't Know Were Based on Real People became the inspiration for Michael Richards' character in Seinfeld